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Royal British Legion - Broadstone

The Branch Committee

Our committee are volunteers who have served in the military or have strong connections with service life through family or loved ones who have served.  Many have other volunteering interests with uniformed youth groups and associations.


Our main driver is giving back to our community and supporting our veterans and service families in need.



David Sippitt

IMG_3743 copy.jpeg


Wayne (Ronnie) Barker


School Liaison

Julie Gadsby


Committee Member

Jez Scott


Committee Member

Julie Hansford



Elizabeth Humphreys


Members Sec

Jon Parham


BCS Support

Harriet Sephton


Committee Member

Nik Rosser


Committee Member 

Ian Talbot

Poppy Appeal - Area Organisers


Ian and Julie - Poppy Appeal Organisers (PAOs) Ian and Julie, Are affiliated and supported by the Branch. They coordinate the year long Poppy Appeal, that culminates with the national appeal in the 2 week leading up to the Act of Remembrance on the 11 November each year. Ian and Julie come from a long line of RBL supporters.


A Branch is made up of members of The Royal British Legion (TRBL), some branches are geographically fixed and some like the Riders Branch are National. Not all Branches have associated clubs and so congregate in community halls, rented accommodation and even pubs. A large number of RBL clubs are owned by TRBL and the club pay a rent, too TRBL and some clubs are owned outright by the club members.

It is not a requirement to be a serving member of the military or a veteran to be a member of TRBL or associated clubs as membership is open to all.


A Branch is regulated by TRBL in turn are regulated by the Charities Commission as a not for profit organisation. A club is a separate legal entity and is not governed by the Branch but has its own club committee who run the club as commercial concern, operating under the law as a licensed premisses for entertainment and socialising. To be a member of a RBL club you first need to be a member of TRBL, once a member, you can associate with up to 4 Branches. If any of these branches have a club, you can then join that club after paying a club joining fee and annual subscription.


TRBL is governed by The Royal Charter  which provide the framework for all RBL charitable activities. It is a governance document enforceable in law under the Charities Act 1992 and the Charities Act 2011 and regulated by the Charity Commission.


The Membership Handbook sits alongside The Royal Charter and was created to help Branch officers, committee members and Legion members to conduct activities within the rules of the Royal Charter.

All Branch officers and committee are volunteers.


The aim of the Branch is to the support serving military, dependents and the veteran community and be the bastion for the act of remembrance, and the conscience of the community in which we serve.


The Branch is supported by volunteers from its membership who conduct Branch Community support activities, Remembrance, Education and Fund Raising.


The Branch officers and committee are elected by its members to develop and deliver tailored support to its beneficiaries and assist local authorities in the planning and delivery of the National Act of Remembrance on the 11 November each year.

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